New York Times 'calls out' Tesla, explains how it got around the chip crisis

I wasn't expecting that

The New York Times, like the vast majority of traditional media outlets, tend to overemphasise what Tesla and Musk do, and they're very happy to badmouth both the company and the CEO whenever they can. However, in a weird turn of events, the Times actually praised Tesla for setting a new production record despite the ongoing chip crisis.

The Times noted that many legacy brands had to shut down factories due to the chip crisis and added that Tesla managed to keep its factories running and set a new record (for the company) with nearly 1 million vehicles sold. At this point, I was fully expecting the paper to claim Tesla had somehow done something sketchy or to figure out a way to badmouth it but instead, the article read: "Tesla [and potentially other young electric businesses] could threaten the dominance of giants like Ford, VW and GM sooner than most had thought [...] when Tesla couldn't get the chips it needed, it took ones that were available and rewrote the software that operated that to suit it needs. Other companies couldn't do it because they relied on third-party manufacturers for their softwares."

Hold on, there's more: "Cars are becoming increasingly more digital, defined by their software as much as their engines and transmissions. Many [legacy brands] are hiring engineers to write their own chips. Tesla was born in Silicon Valley and never outsourced their software. They write their own code."

"Tesla ultimately has a big advantage here, and the only thing that could hold Tesla back would be potentially be quality control issues [ie, recalls]."

This is interesting. It means we may be witnessing an editorial shift in the way the media talks about Tesla. Generally speaking, any coverage of Tesla news is almost never neutral, mainly, I suspect, because of the way the CEO Elon Musk carries himself. Let's wait and see. What do you think is gonna happen with Tesla?

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Comments (10)

  • Drinking coffee is a important coping skill.

      10 days ago
  • Though it might not feel like it, the chip shortage will eventually come to an end. Vehicle manufacturers will catch up. Preorders with Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and others show there are many who are interested in buying an electric truck. Time will tell how many of them turn into actual purchases. If anything, Tesla has dropped the ball by not getting the Cybertruck into production. They know first hand the advantages of being first to market. Their lack of focus or overconfidence (or arrogance) will cost them market share. I think Tesla will continue to be a major player in the BEV market but, as others enter the market, Tesla will not be able to keep its dominance.

      9 days ago
  • Tesla is affiliated with the US government. US government just forced TSMC to hand out their commercial secret. Plain and simple.

      9 days ago