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GYMKHANA TEN: "The Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour" has just been released and it's better than ever!

2y ago

In this tenth episode of GYMKHANA, the guys at HOONIGAN and driver Ken Block take the viewer to five different locations, showcasing five different HOONIGAN racing cars.

Lulea Norrbotten, Sweden

Ken slides a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta around on a frozen lake in Sweden, and gets some company in the form of Oliver Solberg (16 year old Nordic RX Champion) for some double drifting.

Detroit, Michigan, USA

The second part of the video showcases the "Hoonicorn V2" twin-turbo 4WD Ford Mustang hooning on the streets of Detroit, doing donuts around a man on a segway and spitting flames out of the bonnet in a highway tunnel.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Weapon of choice for the Mexican streets is a RX (rallycross) spec Ford Focus. Ken races through some winding tunnels and very tight streets at this beautiful city. He catches some serious air and smashes some pinatas while he's at it.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Location of choice is an industrial compund, where Ken slides his Escort RS Cosworth inside the building and outside at the loading dock. Adding something extra are the shots of the Cossie at night without tyres on its rims. Sparks everywhere!

Route 66, Shamrock, Texas, USA

Last but not definitely not least is the introduction of the "Hoonitruck", a 1977 Ford F-150 with twin-turbo V6 making 914bhp. You can see the fear of this car on Ken's face as he burns rubber around deserted streets and vintage gas stations. After a brief appearance of Aaron from Gas Monkey Garage, Ken finishes off the video by drifting through a spiral of classic American cars.

The full video

Listen to us rambling... you all want to just see the video of course! Here it is:



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