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As regular readers will already know, those of us based up on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers are big fans of a car auction and classic car auctions even more so. With that in mind it really was no surprise that when Silverstone Auctions came calling with news of their latest sale cars there was near pandemonium up in the office as sale brochures were hastily downloaded and gazed lovingly upon.

And when the commotion had calmed down it became clear that this sale was to be even more special than most as a stunning 1992 Porsche 911 (964) RS Touring, one of only 11 examples ever made, is to be one of the first cars consigned for the Silverstone Auctions Porsche Sale taking place at the Wing, Silverstone on 21st October.

Silverstone Auctions have confirmed to MotorMartin that the homologation special is one of only six UK right-hand drive versions, making it rarer still, and comes from a family collection of Porsches. The comprehensive history file includes a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, membership details of the 964 RS Register, old MoT certificates and tax discs, service invoices, and period road test magazine articles. Crikey.

Early in its ownership the car was entrusted to JZ in King’s Langley for work including “de-cat system and Supply and fit performance chip.” The resulting dyno test printout shows an impressive 278.8 bhp at 5909 rpm.

Finished in Black with a black interior, the 911 RST features Sport leather seats with triple colour inlays, a top tinted windscreen and a sunroof, and is estimated at £185,000 – £210,000.

“This is a very special Porsche, the rarest of the rare,” shared Guy Lees-Milne, general manager of Silverstone Auctions with MotorMartin recently. “These cars are actively sought after by serious Porsche collectors all over the world, and this is a truly superb example.”

Indeed, such is the rarity of this extra special Porsche, Silverstone Auctions have furnished MotorMartin with the following information:

The 964 911 RS was created to homologate the model for the Porsche Carrera Cup race series and came in two flavours; the lightweight Sport and the more sought-after Touring.

While the more common Sport version with its stripped out interior was a little too uncompromising for many tastes, the rarer Touring retained the more refined equipment, sound proofing and comforts of the Carrera.

The RS Touring, however, still boasts an impressive specification when compared to the standard 964 with a blueprinted 3600cc air-cooled engine, lowered and stiffened suspension, ‘Uniball’ top strut mounts, strengthened engine and gearbox mounts, and uprated brakes from the Turbo. Although not as pared down as the Sport, the RS Touring is still lighter than the standard 964.

Together with the re-chipped engine management system and lighter, single-mass flywheel, the RST has only 10 bhp more than a standard 964, but with significantly more torque.

Sitting on unique magnesium 17-inch wheels rims and low-profile Michelin N3 tyres, the all-black Porsche 911 RST was originally manufactured in 1992, but found its first owner at JCT Brooklands in September 1993. The car also comes with a special number plate that’s truly appropriate: C2 RST.

To find out more about the 1992 Porsche 911 (964) RS Touring and Silverstone Auctions’ Porsche Sale, MotorMartin certainly recommends that you visit www.silverstoneauctions.com/1993-porsche-964-carrera-rs but be prepared to spend big on the many tempting cars on offer.

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