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News Time

Please note, It is good news. Sadly though it will only really affect me, unless you enjoy my writing. It's nothing too special; I'm not about to tell you that Santa is indeed real nor am I about to write an amazing article full of pictures of my new Back to the Future De'Lorean.

Okay, phew! Here we go!

We do just need to address a matter of business first though. That part up there where I talk about the DeLorean... It was a lie. I own no such car. Although, I have started a fund raiser called 'Help James buy a DeLorean' please make sure you message me for details on how to donate.

The News.

The good news is I have survived. I have made it through perhaps one of the most challenging periods of my life so far. I recently bought a house. Now, you may sit there and think "hmm dude's bought a house and has the cheek to sit and moan about how hard done by he is?", let me explain.

"Buy an old house" they said. "It'll be fun" They said

Somehow I managed to buy a house that DID NOT come with Wi-fi!! I had to sort it out myself! Who knew. So obviously the smart thing to do at that point would've been to find a suitable internet provider and have everything ready well in advance.

I did not do this. I was born to be the guy that leaves everything until the last minute. Which; as you may have noticed resulted in a two week stint without internet. Yup. Gross.

BUT i'm done feeling like a cave man now!

I am officially back in business! So I have the new home, the new desk and the new house guest (in the form of an oversized black hairy four-legged beast, that answers to the name of Buster)! Now all I need is the fresh new content, trust me here, it's coming very soon. But for now while I sit here thinking of ways to round off this utterly pointless article i'm going to leave you with this.

Video Credit: YouTube - The Wheels and Chips Journal

Let me know which your favourite was in the comments below!

Just so that you know, also, as I sit here typing this and by you having just read that, we are currently sharing 'a moment'.

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  • No internet for two weeks would probably kill me.

    1 year ago
    2 Bumps
  • When I moved to the US I didn’t have internet at home for a whole year... which obviously meant I pretty much lived in the music building. 😂

    1 year ago
    1 Bump


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