Next-gen Subaru BRZ teased-Calls quits with the GT-86?

It will debut this fall and looks radically different from its progenitor.

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Nothing can satiate the need of performance for enthusiasts better than a sports car. However, as those cars went on to almost decuple in their value, enthusiasts were replete with meliorism because they all needed a fast, compact but cheap coupes which is when we saw the dawn of cars such as the Toyota GT-86 and its crib, the Subaru BRZ, Mazda MX-5 and the Fiat 124 Spider, closely fraternised with the Mazda.

It has been quite some time since Subaru worked passionately on the BRZ. Well, reports suggest that an 'all-new' BRZ will be shown in all its glory this fall and it is expected to bear a melange of nuances with the GT-86. But will that happen?

To start building brouhaha for the reveal, Subaru has teased the car which is fully camouflaged notwithstanding the wheels and the tail lights that make for a prominent sight. While the profile and footprint are almost not fiddled, the car still looks identical to its precursor. The taillights are more angular with several red accents and the wheels with darkened effect look striking and appear as if loaned by the Toyota GR Yaris. It is also rumoured that the BRZ will get brakes cooled via ventilated wheel arches.

Not much has been revealed yet apart from its squatted looks and some design elements. However, if we were to go by speculations, it could come to life through the same 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated engine that might churn out 217 hp against the outgoing model's 205 and 177 lb-ft (240 Nm) of torque which is higher by 29 Nm. This was expected as the car ditches the 2.0-litre engine at last. However, it is likely that the engine won't be turbocharged. As for the ratchet options, expect a standard 6-speed manual or a newly developed automatic gearbox curated for the car. Not much knowledge has been disseminated but we can expect it to bring its own identity thereby, removing the spoiled reputation it has bore all these years of being just a rebadged Toyota GT-86.

Outgoing gen.

Outgoing gen.

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