Next m5 with x-drive?

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In this battle of super sedans, estates often comes a conflict in minds of the buyers. Do you buy crazy M5 or E63 or any other AMG with a big body with two-wheel drive and go sideways everywhere or do you choose safety and predictability of an RS4 or RS6 and come to your destination equally quickly whether in rain or shine? These super sedans really earn their respect as they became so powerful, a little too careless action with traction control switched off it will properly try to rip your head off in an instant. At Audi they didn't have this problem as their strongest model came as standard with Quattro drive. On the other side of German rivals, we have ze M5 and AMG models. That changed this year as Mercedes put out 4matic (AWD) version of E63 AMG.

600 horsepower and rear drive is difficult to handle, even for an experienced driver

Peter Quintus

BMW has the next turn. And it looks like we could see the new M5 with BMW all-wheel drive system called X-Drive. Peter Quintus, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at BMW M sports division says that "If the next M5 were to be AWD, it would feature a rear bias and offer different driving modes.”, which basically means what we all think. M5 X-Drive will soon to be on our hands. Quintus also touched the subject of 19% faster E63 (3.4s vs 4.2s to 60mph): "We will close the gap." What do you think? Should M5 stay pure as possible and be RWD only, or is AWD version a necessity in these times?

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