NFS Carbon: the game of my childhood

    This was the game that made up most of my youth, and today I'm going back to it...

    While not as much of a success as its predecessor 'Most Wanted', NFS 'Carbon' is nevertheless a good game, and it is one of the first video games I ever played on my PS2, the first one being Gran Turismo 4. I then got it for Wii, which I enjoyed as well, and now I have used a Gamecube emulator to play the game again, and this has brought back so many memories.

    As soon as I started the game up, I was greeted by the familiar dubstep music and the menu screen with the familiar-looking Audi R8. The first mission instantly sent flashbacks, as I dashed across the mountainous roads trying to get away from the Corvette police car behind me.

    I also got instant flashbacks when selecting my new car, with the three options being a Camaro SS, an Alfa Brera, and a Mazda RX8. Being a man of sophistication and style, I chose the Brera. The nostalgia trip has also force me to ask why many of these games can't just be remastered by their companies and then sold on modern consoles, since many car-lovers today were first introduced to the art of motoring through these games.

    I still have a lot of things to do in the game, but it already feels like I'm on an ecstasy of nostalgia. Hopefully, when I complete the game, I will also try out some other NFS games that I unfortunately didn't play as a child.

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    • I played that game on my Wii and loved it! Honestly, picking the first car is always the hardest part of the game. I usually go for the RX-8 or the Camaro.

        2 days ago
    • Personally my favorite NFS ever

        2 days ago


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