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So here we are,a two-minute trailer just dropped across NFS Official Social Media Accounts just a day ago. What's new about it?

Location - Palm City

There's a BMW i8 in this picture

It's based on a fictional Miami,FL we might explore here with Skyscrapers,Beaches,Sunshine,and Vibrant Lights glow in the night (yes there is night time). Yet somehow,it's rhyme with Palmont from Carbon (2006),and for whatever reason it has the same namesake as this...

Yes,I compare a city of a video game to a town in a cartoon. It's literally the first thing come through my head.

Events - By Day

The picture above is an event called Speedhunters Showdown. It gives a ProStreet vibes with the closed race events,even there's drift competition too. In those races you earn cash,but when the sun comes down it's a different ball game.

- By Night

At night,you'll be earning REP in a Risk v Reward stakes. It's a street race from here and out,and also cops are more aggresive than the previous titles. And speaking of which...

Rouge Task Force

The cops have a trick of it sleeves,RTF reminded me of Vehicle Response Team (VRT) of Rivals. Led by Lt. Mercer and if it's clear or not some articles described there is an impound system from Most Wanted '05. For me,I think there's a purpose now for the outlaws. Also they are now in freeroam,so in the day they won't be as aggresive but in the night it's a try to evade them. The guy also reminisce of Sgt. Cross.


Brake To Drift? It's bound to happen. But they stated having a new handling model for the game,so keep on a lookout on the way to this year's Gamescom (a european gamng convention in Germany)if you have the chance.

Changes and Miscellaneous

- No Speedcards (Thank God to that)

-More Customizations


Here's a link to confirmed cars at the moment. More of them could be added down the line to November,with notable ones like the Polestar 1.

Also how most of KuruHS Predictions got right?

And,that's it from me. Thank you for reading this and see you next time. Also shoutout to people who leak the name in the first place so screw you.


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