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Part Two of The Need For Speed Review

13w ago


First thing, I apologize about not continuing the game review for a year. I've been lacking the push to publish more stuff like this that I just put this project aside. Now let's move on to the review.

Compared To The Others...

This was released in November 2019, and I'm glad I picked this up instead of GRID (2019) because that game will be remembered for the wrong reasons. CTR: Nitro-Fueled lost interest with me from time later on... I only picked up DiRT Rally 2.0 and F1 Games of Codemasters in 2020. To Heat's credit, this still played on PS4 side even though there's no more updates rolling in.

Two and A Half Years Playing Experience

This game has been the kind of thing where it's easy to go back to play it again, even for a short session. Experimenting cars either from visuals or performance that make it I want to drive even more cars, getting into PvP races, crash a player's pursuit like a golden retriever dog, and getting into high heat races. Lately I've been in a third playthough; two of them in my bro's account and one in my actual account. However I can't link my PSN to my EA account; because once you link a PSN account, that account will be your eternal link. In this case I linked my bro's account to my EA account so I can't undo the change. While on that subject here's some unfortunate limitations : No access to time trials, community wraps, crews, daily challenges, snapshots, and achievements/trophies that tied to the aformentioned features which to me are a bad game design when at the very least 20% tied to online features.


That's gonna be it for now, honestly it's a solid modern NFS game. I wished it could've gotten more stuff since it has the potential, but it didn't deliver on that foundation (especially when EA shifts all studio to make a Battlefield game...). I might review the black market challenges in the future. All I can summed up this game is, "A whole lot of hope but little nirvana"


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