NFS Heat: The Overly-Critical Review

After I personally attacked every member of the Ubisoft team for The Crew 2 a little while back, I figured EA and Ghost should get their share too.

So I played Heat again, first time in a while. Initially it had that kind of 'Oh I haven't played this in a while it's so good' feeling, but it didn't last long if I'm honest.

Sorry I'm just back writing this again, and since I last played I like it again. But let me be very clear it is not without it's major flaws. There are some serious notes worth addressing here. So where should we begin, the cars I suppose.

The vroom vrooms:

The vroom vrooms are very good actually. There's 120 or so, and we get some real gems in there. But funnily enough, it's the icons that are the least wanted in this game, because you find these cool saloons and hatches etc that you can really make your own. I think video games kill off cars like the Aventador and laFerrari and that, because they are always the ultimate goal. Whereas you can get your hands on a fancy Audi saloon or an old Civic and just have drive and have fun. We don't get enough 'everyday' cars in car games, Forza brought in stuff like the I-Pace and I love that. What I most look for is a weird and fun car list, filled with variety. 120 is not enough, I will say that with no doubt at all. But what we did get I really like. We just need twice as many. Oh and I'd like some more cool SUVs and sports coupés.

Kia aren't in the game🥺, so I had to improvise to get my precious.

Kia aren't in the game🥺, so I had to improvise to get my precious.

Can I indicate and put down my roof and windows?

No. Well yes. Well actually it depends on the function you want. We have gotten the luxury of switching between roof on and off in the customisation part of the garage. You can't indicate, no hazard control, wipers are automatic, the horn stops after like a second which is really annoying and utterly pointless. We all know the little functions of a car make a huge difference, and are a lot of fun in the driving experience. But they lack in Heat, and in most games other than the TDU ones (which is on another level let's be real). So yeah slap on the wrist for Ghost and EA there.

Now, can you drive and enjoy it?

Yes, funnily enough you can. While I wouldn't call it a totally realistic driving experience it's better than that of one of its biggest rivals, The Crew 2. The game insists on just spinning your wheels for about ten years before you can actually set off which is not the best but otherwise it's good enough. Problem for me there is something about the experience that makes you not feel very fast until your doing a good 200mph, and even then it won't last long because you'll probably hit something fairly soon after reaching it. The best part for me is cornering. Speeding through the city is a blast as you can simply drift magnificently around every corner and then have another go at the next turn about ten meters away. Sideways between traffic, squeeling tires, good fun. In general, it's decent but it's nothing too exciting until you pull the handbrake.

Possibly the most crucial point of interest, the map:

Yeah, it's.......complicated actually. The graphics are exceptional, I can say that very contently indeed. But honestly speaking I am confident I could make it from bottom to top of the entire map within 3 minutes with good time to spare. We have two major urban areas in the game, Palm City and Port Murphy. Don't mind Mendoza Keys it's just some houses. The city is great, awesome lights at night and crazy sights at day. Great place. Port Murphy is lazy. Small buildings and big crate yards. Not very interesting. Pretty much the rest is fields and a golf course somewhere. Oh wait there's also a very dull quarry. Yeah modern car video games are going through a bit of an open-world-crisis. I think as things are going right now, company's should base their games in real countries, and try their very best to replicate the place as closely as possible. Biggest downfall of the game, thankfully the graphics alone pretty much save it.


Superb. Could well be the highlight of the entire thing. You've got all your colours and decals and that. But it's the actual parts that make you really feel in charge. It's a lot of fun spending time in the very well laid out garage swapping parts in and out. Then you're adjusting exhaust sounds, ride height, rims and the whole shabang (that's right I brought that phrase back). And that's before you start messing around in the whole performance scenario. You've got a load of options that help get your car kitted out for whatever it is you wanna be doing, whether it's road, off-road, or......idk back on the road again? So yes, the garage is the place to be on Heat.

Gameplay and storyline stuff:

Well there is a storyline, but a very over dramatic and therefore rather irritating one. Something to do with cops being bad. And there's a girl that says 'We are RACERS' really cringe-ly somewhere along the way. Actually speaking of cops, we should address them because the game is literally named after them. The police forces are constantly patrolling the streets. Get involved with them and you're in for a chase, which is incredibly well done tbh. What with the tense beating music and the crashing and the flashing lights. And you are gripped because you know your money is on the line, and things get worse as the heat level rises, to the point of extreme car violence. Then there's the racing. Like all games, the racing is repetitive and very predictable. You just have to do it pretty much. But what's interesting is the day/night scenes. You can earn money at day, and REP at night (for unlocking new shizzle....yes, shizzle🤣). Switching between the time makes for a much more enjoyable experience I found. Basically my advice, do the storyline if it means something towards progress I can't remember if it does, but don't enjoy it because it's bad. Play races and build up your ultimate custom garage. Sorted.

So, it's terrible then?

No. Not at all. If anything it's probably one of the best new car games. This was a review, so I'm gonna spew criticism left right and centre. But let's not forget how good the good stuff really is. I would definetely recommend for someone who plays games occasionally and lightly. And loves cars. But that was probably clear from the start, so you've learnt nothing from this. Total waste of time. And on that terrible disappointment.....please like cuz this took forever😅. And thank you for reading. Good day.

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  • The best way I can describe this game is it’s a big step in the right direction, there’s a lot i like, but i want to talk about what I don like. I’m going to start, oddly, with the final mission. This starts with the big bad guy driving off in the M3 GTR from Most Wanted, that car was destroyed at the start of Carbon. I’m fine with DLC adding it in, and of course one of the first cars I bought in game was an M3 GTR, but having it be integral to the story is saying ‘we don’t care about Carbon.’ And Carbon is one of the best games in the series, it is fantastic. Now that I’ve gotten past that, I agree on the car list. Underground 2 got their car list perfect. It’s only about 30 cars (the game is from 2004) but the best one is a GTR, they’re all cars that most people could conceivably own. Heat has about 50 supercars, only 10 of which I’ve heard about and only about 4 i care about. The customisation is good, but it hasn’t moved on from 2015, you still can’t vinyl wrap the rear wing. The story is pretty terrible, it’s better than the last two games (both of which were god awful), but it isn’t great. The world is small. That would be alright if it was detailed, but it all feels a bit generic (if there’s a small map I should be able to know exactly where I am without using the minimap, the map in this game is not detailed enough). The physics are a bit weird, I’m not a fan of the brake to drift (and that you have to drift to get around the corner the quickest way) but I get it, NFS has always been more of an arcade game than a simulator. I don’t like the character, I think they should be nameless and never seen or heard (like they have been in almost every game), I just made mine look like a dickhead because I didn’t care about him.

    Overall the game is heading in the right direction (considering the series’ struggle of the past decade) but it’s not there yet (if this game was 10 years old it would be perfect, but it has fallen behind the likes of the Crew and Forza Horizon)

      1 month ago
    • Bang on! I was supposed to rant about the voices everywhere u go. In the garage, in the stupid phone calls, uh it drives me scatty😂. Yes the map has never been quite right. They just aren't good enough at it, and i think it wud be more interesting...

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        1 month ago
    • Ah yes, I forgot you said copy a real area. That sounds like a good idea, but it would probably be better to do it in the manner that Forza did in Horizon 4 (I don’t know if the others are accurate, but it was weird watching people driving through...

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        1 month ago
  • Simple answer,

    Good map and assets and overall game,

    In the end due to lack of creativity this game has become a dumpsterfire,

    The main issue of this Game is Lack of Understanding and ignorance of the Fanbase and arrogantly pushing their ideas which don't belong to a car game,

    Which even more disrespect this Franchise,


    NFS has everything from the get go,

    they've experimented the every nook and cranny of Racing Game and they also have various ideas and some games in their arsenal which had those ideas which were way ahead of their times,

    Simple being blasting of Horn while driving in High Stakes and Hot Pursuit and complex being Autosculpt and customization feature,

    They also have various options in story point also where you can say the time line from MW05 AND CARBON is so perfectly matched and many would be also be alive and operating secretively, that EA can continue from many character point and their aspect also,

    Just like how movies set their premises and their characters EA also can set those through older narrative driven racing games, best of all they can use all creative liberty to use those Pro Street Characters because just like Ryan Copper they aren't also been revealed their faces and their intention also,

    So there are many plot points which can make this game interesting in both story and game play wise and they also can revive various aspect of the older games which would be relevant in today's time because those were the aspect which would be widely appreciated because in those time these game set the flavour of Tuner culture and various modern aspect in games,

    So what most don't have in the newer racing games is Story and plots which NFS has and that is the major plus point which also has the replayability values it isn't because of the racing nature but it is because of the story and their creativity which make people play again and again and that sweet realistic Grinding nature and that hardwork which gets appreciated in the end and not like today's artificial forcible grind and other fakery,

    So NFS has everything in their arsenal even unconditional support from the community, in the end it's all about their intentions & direction of what and where they want to take those games theme and make something legendary again,

    Because 2015 was OK was a step in right direction which could've been a dark and gritty NFS but after that everything from Ghost Games has become a dumpsterfire and the games which shouldn't have been under the NFS umbrella in the first place,

    So they have everything apart from the intention, focus and direction which is lacking in their games which is making them producing more dumpsterfire and with all those micro transactions shenanigans and Gambling they're seriously fucked for that matter and would be going downhill because of their greed for power and looting hard earned money from honest fans in the name of NFS,

      1 month ago
    • A good game just to jolly around,

      Just like those streamer based games with their imaginary tasks only just to beat the shit out of games just for views,

      But not a worthy game if you're expexting in the name of content,

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • Yes that is true the characters are rubbish and its best for a few episodes on a medium sized youtube channel.

        1 month ago
  • Good review I believe this game takes place in Florida. It had potential to be an amazing games with its gripping storyline, amazing car customization, and beautiful graphics. However the cops are way to overpowered and you can’t have fun for 5 at night without the cops on your ass. And once they start a pursuit they don’t quit ever! I’ve only been able to escape one or twice and I’m really good with loosing cops in other games. The issue the damn crown vics can go 200+ which is totally unrealistic and makes the cops overpowered and pisses me off whenever I play the game. So if the devs at NFS would fix that this game would be insanely fun!

      1 month ago
    • Oh i cant say i hav the cop problem but good criticism😅. I actually thought the way the map stuck out from the land was kind of like florida.

        1 month ago


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