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NFS Underground 2: My first computer game that I love so far

The story about my first racing game and why I still loving it

NFS Underground 2: My first computer game that I love so far

I still remember the winter of 2004, my first personal computer, donated by my parents in honor of the imminent graduation of school right on New Year's Eve (this computer still works, by the way) and a disk with the game Need for Speed Underground 2, which my father brought a little later in order for the game to help me master the computer. I didn't know yet that the world of virtual street racing and sim racing would drag me on for many years...

By the way, a computer in my 15-16 years seemed to me a demonic machine that I would hardly be able to master. However, computer games really helped me. You first intuitively memorize the right keys on the keyboard, and six months later you are already poking around in the game files, starting to edit profiles and so on… In general, let the opponents of video games from Russia go past this article, they are wrong in many ways and I'm just too lazy to explain why right now.

I am now 34 years old, but I remember this part of NFS, as well as the cult Most Wanted (2005), with warmth, and in the last two weeks I have been completely going through on my Yandex Zen channel (this is such a platform for bloggers and I am trying to gain a foothold there). Even this article I'm writing for the soundtrack of this game! Well, who else would have introduced me to the work of various interesting rock bands if not her?

Why did I fall in love with her

First DVD cover in the game

First DVD cover in the game

At about the age of 10, I fell in love with cars and motorsport. But in addition to reading the automotive press and complex technical literature. kept by my father, an engineer, I did not have. The 2001 film Fast and Furious was a breath of fresh air for me. And then came NFS.

The first thing I loved about it was the variety of cars that were relevant at that time, many of which I didn't know anything about. Even about the legendary AE-86 and the equally famous Skyline. That's what I then looked for in every racing game. which fell into my hands.

The second thing is a variety of tuning. It was possible to change your car almost beyond recognition. If you liked the first Underground for the opportunity to independently sculpt the appearance of your steel handsome, then there will be no limit to your delight. The diversity makes my head spin. The list of various spare parts has increased both in depth and in width. If earlier there were 10-15 types of all kinds of bumpers, spoilers and hoods, now this number can be safely multiplied by two. Even the rear-view mirrors are modified. Not to mention the split-in-half hood, vertically rising doors, neon engine lighting and the installation of a powerful speaker system in the trunk. You can sit in the garage for hours. Naturally, as before, there is a visual rating of the car, which affects your reputation.

fan screen art

fan screen art

The third aspect of the game I like is the big night city of Bayview. However, I was slightly annoyed that it was opening gradually, district by district. And I was also infuriated by the local street racers who chased me with the speed of a jet plane, it was only necessary to challenge them “by phone” in the “Duel" mode. After some time, I realized how to defeat them: by pushing an opponent sharply or setting up an accident, you need to turn around sharply and press on the gas. While the opponent will figure out what's what, you are already far away.

Strictly speaking, the game already had an average detail of the environment at that time, but some graphics settings completely compensated for its shortcomings.The average detail is skillfully masked by all kinds of special effects and post-render filters. And there are a lot of them here. The headlights, embellished with a glow effect, shimmer with various shades, blinding the player; the bodies captivate with their colors, and excess nitrous oxide are enchantingly torn from under the hood through special holes. Underground 2 also certainly beats its predecessor in a variety of environments. You can always easily determine which of the five districts of the city you are in, and for this you do not need a map. There are a lot of memorable and interesting objects everywhere. The angularity of the cars becomes noticeable only with a strong approximation. In general, everything is very, very good for 2004. And even now it doesn't hurt the eyes too much.

The fourth plus of the game is the soundtrack. He's just beyond any estimates, he's etched into my memory forever. Under the song "Give it All" by Rise Against, I always pressed the gas pedal harder. She was the companion of my victories.

Rise Against rock band

Rise Against rock band

Here we were able to do races before, playing which you get a lot of fun - not what it is now (with rare exceptions).

Did the game have any drawbacks? Yes, and now they are especially visible. This is a drag racing mode in which it was almost impossible to turn away from a sudden obstacle. As a result, at least a dozen restarts at each race, and this is time spent. I was saddened by this in my youth, and I am not happy now. The rest of the racing modes lacked a sense of speed. It was given to us in the already mentioned Most Wanted. As they say in Russia, "Better late than never”"

Despite all of the above, Underground 2, in any case, remains a game excellent in all respects. 17 years have passed since the release of the game, it is still alive in our hearts, because such legends cannot be forgotten. I strongly recommend that you try this masterpiece of the gaming industry and re-plunge into that atmosphere of street racing.

See you soon!

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