NHRA Creates Launch Program

2w ago


Over the weekend the NHRA and Terry Vance announced their new program NHRA Launch-Motorsports Careers.

Launch is a motorsports platform designed to help provide those with a passion for motorsports career opportunities. It's not just one aspect either, if you're looking to work for a team, a track or even a company you can find it all and new jobs are being added all the time.

Along with the career portal, there's a resume builder, success stories and some info on Terry Vance, who had much success in drag racing and donated one million dollars to, well launch this program.

There are so many people, Robert Hight is a great example, who worked their up the ranks and became successful in the sport but back in those days to even break in you had to know someone and now there is this great platform for any and everyone to use.

I applaud the NHRA and Terry Vance for creating this and I wish anyone that applies for any position the best of luck.

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