NHRA goes four wide in North Carolina, Torrence, Force, Glenn, Johnson grab wins

Four times the horsepower, noise and excitement

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This weekend the NHRA took to North Carolina for the NGK NTK NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, the second four wide race of the season and they did not disappoint.

Starting with Top Fuel, the first quad of the day featured Brittany Force, who on Friday night reset both ends of the track record with a 3.662 @ 333.08 mph, Joe Morrison, Justin Ashley and Clay Millican. Brittany and Clay advanced with a 3.71 and 3.75 respectively while Joe and Justin ran 8.35 and 3.73. Justin might have advanced but he went red by -.013. The second quad featured Josh Hart, Kyle Wurtzel, Billy Torrence and Doug Kalitta. This was a really good race, Doug and Josh advanced with a 3.72 and 3.74 while Billy and Kyle ran 3.75 and 3.89. The third quad featured Steve Torrence, Arthur Allen, Doug Foley and Mike Salinas. We had another really great race, Steve and Doug advanced with a 3.70 and 3.79 while Mike and Arthur ran 3.78 and 3.89. The final quad of round one featured Leah Pruett, Krista Baldwin, Antron Brown and Shawn Langdon. Antron and Krista, this is the first race she's qualified for, advanced to round two with a 3.80 and 3.85, while Shawn and Leah went 3.94 and 4.31. Round two had two quads and some very stout runs. The first had Brittany Force, Clay Millican, Doug Kalitta and Josh Hart. Josh and Brittany had solid a to b runs with a 3.81 and a 3.73 while Doug went 4.46 and Clay had problems. Quad number two had Steve Torrence, Doug Foley, Antron Brown and Krista Baldwin. This was a really close race, but Antron and Steve advanced with a 3.74 and 3.78 while Doug and Krista ran 3.77 and 4.22. The final quad was absolutely stacked, featuring Steve Torrence and the Capco team, Brittany Force and the Flav R Pac team, Antron Brown and the Matco Tools team and Josh Hart and the Burnyzz/Technet team. It was impossibly close, but Steve Torrence took home the win with a 3.71 followed by Brittany Force (3.72), Antron Brown (3.73) and Josh Hart (3.78).

Next we have Funny Car. The first quad of the day featured John Force, Dale Creasy, Mike McIntire and Dave Richards. John and Mike advanced to the second round with a 3.92 and 4.01 while Dave and Dale went 4.14 and 12.45. The second quad featured JR Todd, Terry Haddock, Tim Wilkerson and Jim Campbell. JR grabbed the win with a 3.95 and Terry was right behind him with a 4.09, while Jim and Tim went 4.19 and 4.39. The third quad featured Alexis DeJoria, Robert Hight, Bob Tasca III and Blake Alexander. Alexis and Bob advanced with a 3.90 and 3.95 while Robert and Blake ran 4.35 and 9.57. The last quad of round one featured Ron Capps, Cory Lee, Cruz Pedregon and Matt Hagan. This was a great race, with Matt and Cruz advancing with a 3.93 and 4.03 while Ron and Cory went 3.99 and 4.39. Round two started with the quad of John Force, Mike McIntire, JR Todd and Terry Haddock. John grabbed the win with a 3.89 with JR on his heels with a 3.97, while Mike went 4.02 and Terry had problems. The second quad of the round was a tough one with Alexis DeJoria, Bob Tasca III, Matt Hagan and Cruz Pedregon. Alexis and Cruz advanced to the finals with a 3.92 and a 3.97 while Matt and Bob went 4.03 and 4.55. The final quad featured John Force and the Peak team, JR Todd and the DHL team, Cruz Pedregon and the Snap-On team and Alexis DeJoria and the Rokit team. As expected, this was a close race, but John picked up the win, career win number 152, with a 3.91. JR Todd was second (3.94) followed by Cruz Pedregon (3.93) and Alexis DeJoria (4.05).

Moving on to Pro Stock, the first quad featured Greg Anderson, who picked up yet another number 1 qualifier this season, Cristian Cuadra, Deric Kramer and Troy Coughlin Jr. Greg advanced with a 6.53, followed by Troy Coughlin Jr and his 6.54 while Deric and Cristian went 6.56 and 6.61. The second quad featured Kyle Koretsky, Fernando Cuadra Jr, Chris McGaha and Val Smeland. Fernando grabbed the win with a 6.58 and Chris picked up second with a 6.56 while Kyle and Val went 6.53 and 6.58. The third quad featured Aaron Stanfield, Fernando Cuadra, Matt Hartford and Dallas Glenn. Dallas and Aaron advanced with a 6.53 and 6.54 while Matt and Fernando ran 6.57 and 6.60. The last quad of round one featured Erica Enders, Aaron Strong, Mason McGaha and Kenny Delco. This was a great race with Aaron and Mason advancing with a 6.53 and 6.56 while Erica and Kenny went 6.55 and 6.59. The first quad of round two featured Greg Anderson, Troy Coughlin Jr, Fernando Cuadra Jr and Chris McGaha. It was a close race, but Troy and Fernando advanced with a 6.54 and 6.57 while Greg and Chris ran 6.53 and 6.57. The second quad of the round featured Dallas Glenn, Aaron Stanfield, Aaron Strong and Mason McGaha. It was another close race with Dallas, 6.53 and Mason, 6.56, advancing to the finals while Aaron and Aaron ran 6.55 and 6.55. The final quad featured Troy Coughlin Jr and the JEGS team, Fernando Cuadra Jr and the Corral Boots team, Dallas Glenn and the RAD Pro Torque Systems/Silver State Plumbing team and Mason McGaha and the Harlow Sammons team. The winner at the end was Dallas Glenn with a 6.54, this is his first win so huge congrats to him. Followed by Mason McGaha (6.55), Troy Coughlin Jr (6.54) and Fernando Cuadra Jr (6.60 but red by -.038).

And finally we have Pro Stock Motorcycle where Eddie Krawiec ran the fastest pass in PSM history at 203.37. The first quad of the day featured Scotty Pollacheck, Jimmy Underdahl, Angie Smith and Karen Stoffer. Karen picked up the win with a 6.75 followed by Jimmy Underdahl with a 6.89 while Scotty and Angie ran 7.03 and 9.84. The second quad featured Hector Arana Jr, Ryan Oehler, Joey Gladstone and Angelle Sampey. This was a close race with Hector and Joey advancing with a 6.77 and 6.76 while Angelle and Ryan went 6.76 and 6.83. The third quad featured Steve Johnson, Kelly Clontz, Andrew Hines and Chip Ellis. Steve and Andrew advanced with a 6.78 and 6.77 while Chip and Kelly ran 6.84 and 6.87. The last quad of the round featured Matt Smith, Cory Reed, Eddie Krawiec and Jerry Savoie. Eddie grabbed the win with a 6.77, Matt picked up second with a 6.78 and Cory and Jerry ran 6.83 and 6.84. Both of the quads in the second round were absolutely stacked. The first featured Karen Stoffer, Jimmy Underdahl, Hector Arana Jr and Joey Gladstone. Karen and Joey advanced with a 6.79 and 6.79 while Hector and Jimmy went 6.85 and 6.93. The second quad featured Steve Johnson, Andrew Hines, Eddie Krawiec and Matt Smith. Matt and Steve advanced with a 6.76 and 6.76 while Eddie and Andrew went 6.86 and 7.02. The final round featured Karen Stoffer and the Ray Skillman Auto Group/Big St Charles Motorsports team, Joey Gladstone and the Reed Motorsports team, Matt Smith and the Denso team and Steve Johnson and the SJR team. Steve grabbed the Wally with a 6.72 followed by Matt Smith (6.74), Karen Stoffer (6.77) and Joey Gladstone (6.77).

The next race will be the Mopar Express Lane NHRA SpringNationals, May 21st - 23rd in Houston, Texas

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