Nick Boon mini challenge f56 class

like to see your logo on the car for 2017 ?? get in touch to know more

Nick Boon is hoping to get back in the driving seat to put on a great show of performance for all you MINI Nut Heads out there. The Season has come to an end, but there is much work going on for 2017.

Nick is looking for any business who would like to see there logo on the car for the season, and it's a cost effective way of making your brand stand out. With the new Championship ahead of us in the British GT Championship, this will be shown on TV and media partners from all over the country.

I have covered the season and the support with Nick is invaluable. He races with his Chris Boon in the red and silver car while Nick is in the Blue & Silver car. not hard to miss but they love a good challenge...

If you would like to know more on Nick's Plan's for 2017 then please get in touch with him by email

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