Nick De Simon's 1940 Ford coupe

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Nick De Simon is a fabulous body man and fabricator from Jersey City, New Jersey. His dad ran De Simon Auto Body, where Nick also worked, and he always had a customized car.

A construction photo of Nick's coupe, taken in front of De Simon Auto Body in the mid 1950s. Nick and his buddy John Hanson is posing with the car. Nick is the guy in front of the car, while John is leaning against the the cowl.

Nick's radically restyled 1940 Ford coupe featured a chopped top and a deeply channeled body. It was built at De Simon Auto Body, during weekends, nights, and in Nick's spare time. The build was completed around 1957, and the list of modifications includes a bigger rear window and a welded shut and molded in deck lid. It ran fender skirts in the rear, and it was nosed, decked and shaved for door handles. The original headlights and taillights were kept. Inside, Nick installed a narrowed 1951 Ford dash. He mixed the paint for it himself, and it was painted at his dad's shop. The radically restyled Ford looked dark blue at night, and eggplant-purple during the day. Nick kept the original driveline, and it was powered by a flathead V8.

The car was sold locally in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Nick never came around to do the interior, so it was rather rough inside when he sold it. As so many other East Coast customs, Nick's coupe ended its life at the junker. Nick had many photos of the car, but all, except one, got stolen from him. The car was mostly driven around town, and as Nick didn't bother to take it to shows, we don't have any photos of the car as it appeared when the build was completed.

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