Nick Hogan shows me his car collection

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Few weeks back I went to LA for a holiday where I met old and new friends. One new friend I made was Nick Hogan, and yes as you can tell my the surname his dad is indeed Hulk Hogan.

Nick's particularly into his JDM so it was a delight to see something different from the LA car scene than just supercars and American muscles.

First up he shows me his old drift car which was in the SEMA show in 2007 hence equipped with all the badass gadgets. Less of me talking, check it out below!

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And behind door no.2 is Nick's infamous Supra! Nick's had it for 15 years and built it together with his dad as a father son project. This thing is pure chaos, check out the sound and say farewell to your eardrums.

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Next up is the Nissan R32 GT-R which is Nick's ultimate babysitting job. He describes the car as the ultimate driving R32, find out why below.

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It was a pleasure meeting Nick for the first time ever who told me all about his passion for cars. Of course these are not all of his cars but we had to leave something for next time ;) You can follow Nick's JDM adventures on his Instagram.

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