Nico rosberg retires from formula 1

2y ago


Nico Rosberg has announced he is going to retire from Formula 1. The newly crowned champion told the world that he couldn't commit to another title fight having put everything into this year's campaign.

"This year was extremely tough because I put absolutely everything into it, I didn't leave a stone unturned from Austin last year really where I suffered a lot after that loss," referring to his title loss in 2015 to teammate Lewis Hamilton. The German admitted that he had to make a lot of sacrifices in his hunt for a first world title.

"My wife, for example, every time I was home she understood that I needed to rest so I never did any nights, I never took care of my little daughter, I never did any difficult things. She was always there to support to make it as easy as possible and that's just one example of the commitment we all put into it. I've achieved this childhood dream and I'm not willing to do that sort of commitment again for another year and I'm not interested in coming fourth or whatever."

Fair play to Rosberg for admitting he knew when to quit, I think everyone in the Formula 1 world has a lot of respect for that. His decision has definitely added a twist to next year, and now creates a problem for Mercedes. Who replaces him?

Whatever the decision, this is why I love this sport, you should always be on your toes even when the season is over. I can almost hear Fernando Alonso's manager begging Toto to let the Spaniard have the other seat... More on driver possibilities later.


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