NIGHT RIDER. Schlachtwerk’s Midnight Black Kawasaki W800 Scrambler

KITT and Michael Knight have nothing on Tommy Thöring and his black Kawasaki W800. All we need now is to make the bike talk.

3y ago

It’s been a big week for Kawasaki retro remake fans with the release of the Z900rs in Tokyo to pay homage to the legendary Z1 of the ‘70s. But it seems that what one hand giveth the other taketh away, as Team Green hammered home the final nail in the W series retro rides coffin. One of the first modern bikes to be built with a classic look, the twenty-year production run is finally over. But so long as useable items can be found in salvageable condition, then Germany’s Schlachtwerk proprietor Tommy Thöring will make customs of them all. His latest is a 2012 W800 Special Edition that’s blacker than the ace of spades for an owner who is just as lucky.

The Schlachtwerk name has become synonymous with two things, Tommy’s lime green Yamaha TR1 drag weapon and his endless run of slick Kawasaki W series builds. The owner of this particular machine had seen many of Tommy’s bikes online and so headed for the Offenbach based workshop to pick up a rear fender for his W800. But seeing a custom bike in the flesh gives that “I must have one” feeling that an online picture can never match. So instead of just the fairing he came back with the 2012 Special Edition for the full Tommy special.


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