Night Stalkers Who are We

So my name is Nick and i run my own Photography company called NWVT which specialises in Automotive night photography.

The aim for this tribe is not only to document the different shoots that i do around the world but also to feature some of the new up and coming talent that i spot. I will also be trying my best to share some cool little tips and tricks that i have learnt over the years to help you guys push your boundaries and create your own stand out night photography.

Toyota GT86 Inspired by Toyota 2000GT Shelby Race Car

Another element i want to focus on is the growing amount of films you guys are creating filmed at night where lighting is key and really setting that mood and drawing the viewer deep into the moment. But also something i will be looking to expand into over 2017 and get your feed back too.

Audi R8 Gen 2 Shot for Audi Uk for Launch Images

I will also be sharing some special projects that i get asked to do for different companies so you might see the odd occasional day shot but do not be concerned my friends there will be plenty of night time antics to come. But also i will be taking requests from you guys if there are any specific techniques that you may want to know about i will do my best to help you.

So for now that is it but i am just about to create a little gallery of my work for you guys to enjoy and look forward to hearing from some of you guys soon.


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