- Darkness does not mean sleep at Spa.

Night Time Racing

Night time racing is something else, but then at Spa, its something else, the atmosphere, the weather, the noise. If you haven't been you need to go.

40w ago

The Total 24 Hours of Spa, is less than a week away. Night time at Spa is something else if you haven't gone before, I would recommend it. Hopefully we will be able to go back soon. These photos were all taken at Pouhon from on top the Bentley hospitality trailer.

Last year I was lucky enough to go however some reason I has taken me ages to try and edit the night time photos I took. Night time photography is not something I have really explored, so would as always welcome some feedback, oh and i have tried to be a little bit creative with it as well.

M-Sport Team Bentley - Bentley Continental GT3

110 M-Sport Bentley chased by the Ram Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3

110 M-Sport Bentley chased by the Ram Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3

The number 110 M-Sport Team Bentley seen here going through Pouhon being chased by the Ram Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3, was 26th as the dark descended around the track, prior to rain effecting the race causing the red flag. They finished the race 30th overall completing 337 laps, with the sister car 109 retiring on the 6th lap.. The 110 was driven by Pipo Derani, Lucas Ordonez and Andy Soucek.

Tempesta Racing - Ferrari 488 GT3

The number 93 Pro-AM Tempesta Racing using the Ferrari GT3 at that time the photo taken was 40th overall, finished 43rd overall, completing 330 laps at the chequered flag. This was driven by Jonathan Hui, Chris Froggatt, Edward Cheever and Ferrari legend Giancarlo Fisichella.

Congratulations to Tempesta Racing, Edward Cheever and Chris Froggatt for clinch the Pro-Am Championship this year.

Daiko Lazarus Racing - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 2019

Two Lamborghini Huracan's with little space between them.

Two Lamborghini Huracan's with little space between them.

Daiko Lazarus Racing seen here in 54th position, being chased by the Ombra Racing Huracan. They finished 52nd overall, completing 252 laps, 3 hours gap between the 51st place. This was driven by Fernando Navarrente, Sylvain Debs, Immanuel Vinke & Graham Davidson.

TECH 1 Racing - Lexus RCF GT3

French team, Tech 1 Racing seen here in 50th place, finished in 41st place completing 330 laps. The Lexus was driven by Eric Cayrolle, Bernard Delhez, Timothe Buret & Fabien Barthez. Yes you read that right French goalkeeper now racing driver.

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