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NIKEiD? Mi Adidas? No and no.

My LV Belt allows you to customize your belt.

4y ago

Allowing customers to customize products is a genius idea. There have been countless times i've loved an article of clothing or pair of sneakers but couldn't stand the colors. This concept takes that problem out of the equation. It started with NIKEiD and was epic. I remember asking my mom if I could iD a pair of Nike Dunk Lows. What is better to a kid then being able to pick the color of every single part of their sneaker?

This idea, of course, isn't only great for kids. Adults work the same way. Louis Vuitton is jumping on the wagon by opening their "My LV Belt." This gives you the opportunity to choose from 14 leather straps (the range of materials is incredible) and 12 newly designed buckles. For those who love the classics they will offer the LV Signature in a multitude of different metals and finishes as well.

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