Nikko circuit - king of nations 2016

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Earlier this year I attended Round 5 of the King of Nations drift championship at Nikko Circuit. Drivers from all over the world came to the Tochigi circuit to fight for what was also the final round of the King of Asia tournament.

Emmanuel Armandio throwing his Mark II JZX100 around turn 1

The car and driver that need no introduction

International drift masters such as Japan’s Daigo Saito, France’s Nicolas Delorme and Australia’s Michael Prosenik competed with a host of Japanese talent more local to the Nikko area. It was great to see Nikko regulars with their more ‘traditionally’ tuned cars competing against some of the world’s most extreme, modern drift machines.

Nicolas Delorme cooling down with his BMW

Michael Prosenik and his mighty S15 gearing up

For once in the year, Nikko felt like a truly cosmopolitan, international circuit. Even the circuit commentary was provided in English by none other than Alexi ‘Noriyaro’.

My buddys Aki and Hiroki meeting Alexi 'Noriyaro' who was commentating at the event

The event was also judged by the ‘Drift King’ himself; Tsuchiya Keichi, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.

Drift King, Keichi Tsuchiya cool as always

It was such an honor to meet Tsuchiya-San. Really friendly guy.

S13 gettin some air

Words and photos by Joey Meuross

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  • @Flavien Sounds great man, looking forward to it!

    2 years ago
  • Awesome, I'll let you know when I'll stop by... Probably early 2017 :)

    2 years ago


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