Nikola Badger set to get electric upgrade

In a partnership with Nikola, GM will build battery-electric versions of the former's Badger pick-up.

Traditionally, whenever an American petrolhead hears the word 'EV', they begin to screech and seize as if they just heard that US Government had decided to accept communism as their nation's main ideology.

Now though, GM - one of US' most recognised petrolhead firms - has decided to try something new, by forming a partnership with Nikola, an Arizona-based EV car production company, to create battery-electric versions of the latter's upcoming Badger fuel-cell pick-up truck.

This partnership has seen the making of several exchanges, with GM gaining 11% of Nikola's ownership - £1.53bn in terms of equity stakes - while the latter gain access to GM's parts and components. GM will be responsible for manufacturing, while Nikola will be responsible for marketing, and will sell the final product under its own brand.

In case you have not heard of Nikola and the Badger, here are some statistics: the Badger has 894bhp, will do 0-60 in 2.9sec, and has a towing capacity of more than 3600kg. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it?

I really hope that we will get Nikola Badger in right-hand drive, because the car sounds like a proper instrument to excite a power-obsessed EV enthusiast - which I undoubtedly am - and I seriously don't think I can give a compliment more high than that.

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