Nikola cancels Badger project as part of new deal with GM

The company has scrapped its plans to produce a zero-emissions pick-up in co-operation with General Motors.

Previously, I published an article on accusations of fraud that have come against the American EV manufacturer Nikola, and in that article, I criticised GM for not taking action in regards to the accusations.

Well, now GM and Nikola have scrapped the previous deal they had to produce the Badger with hydrogen fuel cell tech, and they have come up with a new one which will allow Nikola to keep using GM’s hydrogen technology in its planned range of commercial lorries.

However, GM no longer has an equity stake in the company and will not co-operate on the development of the Badger, meaning that the project is cancelled.

Nikola has released a statement in which they said that it "will refund all previously submitted order deposits for the (Badger)” and will also begin testing “production-engineered” versions of its hydrogen fuel cell trucks before the end of next year.

Well, based on the fact that Nikola's prototype of the truck didn't even have an engine, it's possible that the “production-engineered” trucks are just made of cardboard and are powered by 1000 AA batteries they got from Walmart.

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