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Nikola founder grants $6 million shares to early employees

Nikola Founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton gives 6,005,162 shares to Nikola employees.

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Nikola Corporation recently announced that its Founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton gave out 6,005,162 shares as part of an option award made in December 2017 to Nikola employees.

“When we first started this company out of my basement our chances of success were pretty low,” said Nikola Founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton. “I promised those initial, daring employees that I would take care of them one day. Today, I make good on that promise and deliver over six million shares to the original employees who took the job and risked their careers on a long-shot idea. They earned it and have helped me become who I am today. I am forever grateful.”



Calculating for Nikola stock price, Milton essentially gave out a $233 Million dollar gift shared across to all long term employees. Nikola says that this did not cause any stock dilution as the shares were granted from Milton's existing holdings. Additionally, Milton was not paid by the company for the stock.

Pretty great boss eh?

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Comments (5)

  • What a great boss, not many keep their word when it comes to bonuses do they......

      20 days ago
    • Well in this instance that stock really isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. They are not moving quantities of vehicles and until that happens that paper is for bathroom use only.

      I say this with such a jaded tone because I once worked for a...

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        19 days ago
    • On the flip side you could hold millions of shares in Microsoft if it was Bill wouldn't you, I bet that went through your mind when you were offered them, say la vie.

        19 days ago
  • Bloody good CGI... take a good look at the background before defending the pictures. Nicola has barely ANYTHING to show for their stock valuation. The whole business is a house of cards, vapourware. Not my own ignorant opinion, but that of industry insiders, who know what is involved to turn ideas into reality, scientists who are pointing at flaws in the physics involved and financial analysts who are shocked by the way innocent people's money is being thrown away by careless Investment Companies who ignore due diligence.

      18 days ago
  • Well, it's not his money and I expect they'll all scuttle off without a bung to keep them sweet. The thing is, Nicola hasn't actually got much to show for its market valuation. If I was one of those employees, I'd flog those shares pronto and either bank the cash or buy Tesla shares, a business with actual products, factories all over the world and research facilities in several other associated domains... in a word, a REAL company.

      18 days ago