N​ikola-GM deal in peril as more allegations surface

T​he partnership between Nikola and GM to collaborate on new cars may fall apart as the former continues to endure endless accusations.

A​ while back, I expressed anticipation for a deal between GM and EV car-maker Nikola, which would pave the way for the production of battery-electric versions of Nikola's Badger pickup truck. Now however, it seems that sooner or later one of the parties will be forced to walk away from the deal as more accusations of fraud come against Nikola.

So how did it all go wrong? Well, it all started when a report by Hindenbeurg Research revealed that Nikola had faked footage of its hydrogen truck project, which turned out to be a non-functional prototype. More accusations of fraud followed as the company started missing deadlines to bring its vehicles to production while still continuing to receive investors and proposals of partnerships.

B​adger - the vehicle at the centre of the GM-Nikola deal.

B​adger - the vehicle at the centre of the GM-Nikola deal.

T​hings got so bad that CEO Trevor Milton was forced to resign from his position in the light of these accusations. Even worse, two women have now filed sexual assault allegations against Milton.

S​till, GM has refused to back away from the deal, which begs the question: why are they still willing to collaborate with a company that has fooled and scammed so many people? It's as if they don't care about who they work with as long as it allows them to stay relevant within the modern car industry.

A​ll I have to say is that this is the biggest bruh moment since the Fyre Festival.

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  • If a company you were interested in obtaining suddenly had issues of a wide variety, eventually causing the severe devaluation of said company,... you would be in a great financial position to acquire it whole and skip the expense of partnership. The biggest sharks haven’t even begun to eat in this EV buffet so get ready. Tesla had better get their crap together, this is a clear indication of major business taking EV seriously.

      8 months ago