The Grand Theft Auto Online universe has continually expanded since the title's initial release in 2013. With each new update introducing a raft of new cars covering every single genre.

When you consider that GTA Online is not a car-centric game, the sheer vastness of the array of cars available to players gets close to some sim-racing titles. Every type of car genre is covered from old-school classics to modern-day supercars and everything else in between. The one genre that really stands out for me as a player though is the retro classics that can easily be identified to the real-world counterparts.

Here I run you through some of my personal picks for what I think are some of the greatest classic cars ever to be immortalised in GTA Online.

Bravado Verlierer/TVR Sagaris

The Verlierer is not the most apparent car at first sight. But it clearly takes a whole ton of influence from the mighty TVR Sagaris. The design includes the agressive front and rear design along with the real-world versions tendency to try to kill anyone driving it.

According to the official Bravado brochure, the Verlierer has the “added advantage of being able to drive around corners” which is not something that every TVR was capable of even in the dry. It goes on to be all very TVR by saying “the only thing getting in your way here is your lack of coordination and fear of becoming a road accident statistic." Which is not the worst press description I’ve ever read.

Vapid Retinue/Ford Escort Mexico

This is the Vapid Retinue which is based on the iconic Ford Escort Mexico with its very similar front grille and light design. The official line from Vapid describes it as a car that “began its life as a blue-collar hero: an overpowered, oversteering, gas-guzzler, built and sold for the working man” just like its real life car.

Unlike its real-world version, the digital version can be turbocharged and won’t cost you a ton of cash to get behind the wheel.

Grotti Turismo Classic/Ferrari F40

Now for the purist choice featuring no driver aids and no safety features whatsoever. All you get is a driver, a hugely powerful turbocharged engine and a massive skill requirement to keep it on the road. The front of the car is based on the iconic F40 supercar, with the wheels and optional rear wing completing the 1980’s design

Grotti describes the level of driver skill required by saying “just like learning a language or killing a stranger with your bare hands, this kind of hard work is its own reward." Which is the most honest press description the world has ever seen.

Pegassi Infernus Classic/Lamborghini Diablo

The Pegassi Infernus Classic is best described as a car that needs to be approached with some respect. Upon release into the virtual GTA world, it suffered a handling issue resulting it not being able to turn lift.

Clearly taking styling cues from the iconic raging bull Diablo, the Infernus Classis features a low swooping nose and pop up headlights leading to a long sweeping design to the rear of the car. It is best described by the carmaker as “the kind of car that'll dazzle you with its perfect cheekbones, empty your bank account, and once you're sleeping in the wet patch, it'll finish you off with a rusty machete. What's not to love?"

Grotti Cheetah Classic/Ferrari Testarossa

The Cheetah Classic is the one car in GTA online that allows players to live out all of their Crockett and Tubbs fantasies a decade after Vice City. It heavily resembles the classic Ferrari Testarossa throughout from front to back.

It also takes elements of the Ferrari 512 BB alongside the 288 GTO in its taillights and foglights respectively. Again the official dealer description makes for hilarious reading by describing it as a car that’s “constantly groping its secretary, and it doesn't even feel the need to pretend it has friends from minority groups. Welcome to the old world."

Ubermacht Sentinel Classic/BMW M3 E30

Finally the classic car of choice for the entitled millennial, the Ubermacht Sentinel Classic or as its better known, the BMW M3 E30. Aside from the quad squared off headlights every other single detail is from the M3. The flared arches to the classic boxy shape, it‘s just a blatant tribute to the E30.

Again the car is best described by Ubermacht who say “Consumers didn't need the reassurance of a touch-screen interface and integrated GPS. People could get behind a no-frills, lightweight bucket of speed, and their relatives wouldn't sue the manufacturer when it burst into flames. Those were the days of the Sentinel Classic - and now they're back." Which is a motto we can all get behind.

Annis Elegy Retro Custom/Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)

When gamers finally received the long-awaited Annis Elegy Retro Custom, it was met with mixed commentary from the GTA Online community. The most significant gripes being the cost and the way the car looked. It is a blend of the various generations of Skyline GT-R from the R32 to the R34. Most observers will say the design is closest to the R33 model.

Being a custom order from Benny’s, it’s described as a “nostalgia-fueled, mod-drenched, early 90s retro custom classic just waiting to happen."

Pfister Comet Safari/Porsche 911 Safari

What’s better than a Porsche 911? A lifted full safari spec 911 obviously. After the standard Pfister Comet comes the full off-road Safari spec and its one of the greatest cars ever to drop in GTA Online.

Everything from its real-world counterpart is there, the massive off-road wheels, lifted suspension and protective under guards with the official description confirming its dirt covering credentials saying “if you're looking for something to slam around a hairpin bend in three feet of uphill mud, the Comet Safari has got you covered.”

Ocelot Ardent/Lotus Esprit

The Ocelot Ardent is based on a 5th gen Lotus Esprit. It features matching sharp-edged sleek styling along with the now defunct pop-up headlamps and the vented rear deck to mimic the real world car.

Unlike its real-world counterpart the digital version can be specced with dual machine guns Ocelot describe it as a car that can do it all “Behind the wheel of this masterpiece there's nothing you can't do: lose your pursuers, pop the dual machine guns, gun down the survivors, drop a pithy remark, open the champagne.” Although they suggest, you don’t test the Ardent’s underwater ability which is described as “drive into the sea, realise you've made a terrible mistake, and swiftly drown."

Which of these GTA cars would be your pick? Or is there a car you want to see immortalised in the world of GTA? Let us know in the comments.

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