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      Nintendo gives more details about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

      Numerous possible interactions with your room

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      Since its arrival on the SNES in 1992, Mario Kart has never stopped evolving and considerably enriching its gameplay. Mario Kart: Double Dash, for example, has innovated with two characters per kart and a new 150cc mode. Mario Kart Wii has added the possibility of doing tricks to get a little boost.

      Mario Kart 7, has allowed you to fly and even compete underwater. Mario Kart 8 finally, features anti-gravity racing sections and the 200cc mode. Today, the ninth episode of the saga is called Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and fully exploits virtual reality by installing the track in your living room!

      Nintendo has provided additional information about the game. It will be possible to draw your own circuit with your kart and then place the four checkpoints delivered in each box. Interaction with your living room is the key to this new opus as all the obstacles will interact with the kart.

      The speed of the kart will also depend on the chosen mode. The vehicle will additionally react to objects by slowing down or speeding up depending on the items used. Four players will be able to battle against Bowser's minions run by the AI. The game will be free but the kart that comes with the pack will cost £99.99 in the UK and $99.99 in the US. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be available on October 16th.


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      • this has a strong micro machines feel about it from the N64 days but a modern version

          2 months ago
      • Nearly 400 quid to race 4 of the buggers though!

          2 months ago
      • I was doing this 20 years ago with a remote control car!..

          1 month ago


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