- NIO EP9, 2016


InkTober 2017, Nr. 27

3y ago

The EP9 is an electric two-seat supercar built by NIO, with help of their Formula E racing division. Each wheel has his own engine and transmission. With 335.25hp per engine the car has a total power output of 1341hp. The EP9's battery can last up to 427 km before you have to charge it and if you have to charg it, it takes 45mins or 8mins to change the batteries. The EP9 set the record the fastest lap by an electric vehicle for the Circuit of the Americas, Shanghai International Circuit and the Circuit Paul Ricard tracks. It also set the record for the fastest lap by an autonomous vehicle at the Circuit of the Americas track. And the EP9 has circled the famous Nordschleife in 6:45.90min.

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