Whilst the rest of the picture posters on this new version of Google+ collectively kiss bottom to celebrate the release of "Grand Tour" (no critique, just not seen it yet). I want to pose the question what is NISMO all about?

Real NISMO race cars or NISSAN ones or both?

Well looking at the non Wikipedia history which seems to rather rose tinted and a little confused. The actual NISMO brand name was established in 1984 and was to focus more on vehicles developed specifically for motor racing. Yep that just about covers it (which is why I don't write for Wikipedia). NISMO has one of those mythical names which seems to rely on the kudos of its past, to sell shit to tomorrow.

The sharp years.

Yes am being harsh, although NISMO does appear more styling house than specific division now. Everything sold aftermarket seems to have the logo lurking somewhere! Now, if I buy a genuine Nissan seat cover in genuine leather look vinyl (at £1600) I would balk at the price but at least know 'it would fit', stick on the word NISMO, does it improve things, do I have faster seat covers now?

Todays NISMO

I just find the branding in a state of confusion, lost in the mysts of time and reasoning. Nissan seem to have a revolving door policy on what the actual NISMO logo looks like and there have been at least three versions if not more. What is even more odd is that in text Nissan like to say NISMO, yet the logo is lowercase (just me being pedantic).

The squiggly years

It is a bit of a surprise to find a Nismo Nissan Juke The sales pitch states that the 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine might not have as much power as other Nismos, but the 215hp is enough to get the car from a standstill to 60mph in seven seconds. This is all very well and good but then other non Nismo Juke's can do that.

It goes on to say that "the performance makes it an alternative to lots of run-of-the-mill hot hatches." But its so darn fugly, try going on the pull in one "The suspension’s been firmed up, but it manages to cosset the driver from the worst of the bumps, too. Inside, you’ll find Nismo sports seats and swathes of Alcantara". So basically it has hard suspension, some red stickers, a Nismo badge and leather seats, costing 3K more.

The Juke NISMO

Next up is the Nissan 370Z this is where the Nismo treatment comes into full-force "while it uses the same engine as the rest of the 370 range, it eeks an extra 15hp from the 3.7-litre V6, bringing total power up to 339hp." I would have to say why can't all 370's have 15hp extra then?
Surprisingly they then go on to insult owners of lesser 370's for having 15hp less and rave about added value in styling stakes.
"Other additions over its slower sibling include a full Nismo-bodykit, new suspension setup, wider alloy wheels and a full sports-Alcantara interior. As a result, it’ll feel tighter and more responsive on the road but, thanks to the standard 370Z’s already impressive stats, the 0-60mph run is almost identical at 5.2 seconds."

The 370z NISMO

I suppose this meandering post needs to reach a conclusion and perhaps it is time to admit we Skyline owners are the past and Nissan still needs to make coin. In fact my own revelation has been that when I consider the actual parts on my own car which are officially NISMO, they only consist of B pillars, rear spoiler covers, a gear knob and a lighter. The actual bits that make the car 'shift' are Australian and American! If only Nissan had its own tuning side... Now there's an idea!

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