Nissan 240Z - Same Subject, Different Direction

Two photographers, one subject vehicle. Which style do you like most?

9w ago

Welcome to the beginning of a new series by Tyler Clemmensen and Chris Turek that we're dubbing "Same Subject, Different Direction "SSDD". We shoot the same subject car, edit the photos, pick our best five, then post them side by side for comparison. You, the DriveTribe audience, gets to choose which photo set you like best. Both of us shoot on a Nikon Z7.

Photographer Introductions

Before we begin, we'd like to give you a little background on our journey thus far with photography.

Tyler Clemmensen:

Photography and editing go hand in hand when it comes to the overall appearance of a photo. Yin and yang. You can have the best RAW image but if it’s edited poorly, it takes away the power. The same goes for editing, if you start with a poorly taken shot, editing is essentially useless. A photographer's style is made up of both of these ingredients. I started shooting photography about 8 years ago and have changed my editing style countless times. I even had a black and white phase for a while. It wasn't until about 2 years that I found the style that I currently use now. I would sum up my current style as “light manipulation” and “removing clutter.”

Chris Turek:

Ever since my first film photography class in high school, I’ve developed a passion for taking, editing and presenting photography. I started by taking shots with my iPhone and I loved it when photos turned out just right. Eventually I committed to getting a DSLR, a Nikon D5500 I bought for half-price from a pawn shop. My editing style has also evolved quite a bit over the past two years. From hardly editing to over-contrasting, from JPEG to RAW, my current style is definitely the one I'm most proud of. I would describe my look as "Fake Realism".

Tyler's Shots

”In my photos, I removed all unwanted objects such as fences, street lights, signs and oil spots to keep the focus on the car. I’m a huge advocate for light leaks, which are the streaks of light that are added to imitate the sun or a light source. While shooting white cars, it’s important to make sure the lines are still visible. White cars tend to lose their body lines when shooting during daylight because they are easily blown out. I underexposed these shots just a little to make sure the curves are still present. It’s always easier to bring light back into a picture rather than delete it. The best time to shoot short cars (or any car for that matter) is about 30-45 minutes before sunset. We started shooting at around 6:35 pm while sunset was at 6:59 pm."

"For this shoot, I had the pleasure of using Tyler's Tamron 85mm in addition to my Nikkor 50mm. 4 out of these 5 shots were taken with the 85mm lens, so it's safe to say you'll be seeing more work from me at that focal length. Overall my goal was to present the Z with minimal distractions. I'm not quite as skilled at photoshop so I wasn't confident enough to remove whole fences like Tyler did, but I did my best to get rid of signs or other oddly colored anomalies. My favorite shots were of the rear, which seems to be the best angle for the 240Z."

And that's a wrap!

We hope you liked this pilot edition of Same Subject, Different Direction. We've done a couple shoots together so far and it's been a lot of fun seeing how the other perceives the scene. We share tips and advice between each other and it's making us both better photographers. We hope you'll enjoy the art we make in the process.

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Comments (12)

  • Beautiful car, and even better photos! Great job guys!

      2 months ago
  • I can only complement you both on great pics and a great car.

    Differences? I'm so lame in this that I really don't notice any. All nice pics

      2 months ago
  • Nice!

      2 months ago
  • Personally I don’t remove anything from my shots. I also don’t know how to, but i also don’t care to learn. Rather, I always just look for a place where I won’t have to remove anything or find an angle that blocks clutter. If there’s stuff i don’t like in a shot, and if I can’t block it with the car or by changing angle, I pack up and move on to somewhere else.

    Just what I look for when finding locations 👍

      2 months ago
    • 2 months ago