Nissan 400z Pre-Production Model Leaked

But its still not coming to the UK :(

16w ago

When I first saw the pictures of the Nissan Z Proto, I thought it was perfect in every way. I thought the rear was a delightful nod to the 240z, and sure some hated on the grille, I thought it actually looked super clean. However, I also knew it was a concept, so at the back of my mind, I could see the 400z being completely different. However, leaked photos of the 400z confirmed my hopes - it looked pretty much the same as the Proto Z Concept.

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have have noticed a few changes however. The production model has a small rear spoiler, which I think looks amazing, with the diffuser also looking like gloss black plastic rather than carbon - although there could be a carbon pack in the configurator. The Fairlady badge on the boot also looks to have been removed. The interior looks similar, except from an automatic shifter - don't panic however, as a manual shifter is almost certain. That gearbox will most certainly be connected to the VR300BT engine, as seen in the Infiniti Q50, so we can expect about 400 break horsepower, although Project Cars 3 says it has 439 BHP - I would take that with a pinch of salt however.

With an engine like that, it could have taken on the likes of the Toyota Supra/BMW Z4, but it won't be coming to the UK or Europe. Read this article when I go into more detail of why it is not coming to Europe:

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