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Nissan abandons the development of sedans in Japan

The brand will now focus on SUVs

6w ago

The development of electric vehicles is expensive, very expensive. As a result, it is becoming necessary to make concessions in order not to miss out on this important transition that will take place in the increasingly near future. All manufacturers are looking to achieve economies of scale in order to focus their investments on electrification.

For example, Nissan is expected to abandon sedans in Japan to make room for the development of SUVs and new electrified models. In the Land of the Rising Sun, traditional sedans are no longer popular as customers are mainly turning to SUVs and Kei cars, the latter benefiting from significant tax advantages.

Suppliers and equipment manufacturers have been informed of the news by the Japanese brand's managers. As a result, four models will have no descendants. The Sylphy has already been discontinued in 2020, while the Cima and Fuga will see their production lines come to a standstill in the coming months.

The legendary Skyline, which has been sold locally since 1959, will also end its career. The Japanese brand is already planning other new electric models to join the Ariya. An all-new sedan will arrive in the next few years, as well as SUVs that will complete the Japanese manufacturer's portfolio.

Photo credits Nissan

Photo credits Nissan

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Comments (3)

  • First it's Mitsubitshi, then Ford now Nissan.

      1 month ago
  • Am I the only one that much prefers sedans to suvs?

      1 month ago