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N​issan built a McDonalds themed GT-R

They call it the McDT-R

3w ago

R​ecentley Nissan announced they would be working with McDonalds to make a custom GT-R Nismo. They call it the McDT-R. The cool part though is that you can get one in a 1/64 scale. They will be giving Tomica 1/64 replicas in Happy Meals and you will have a 1 in 5 chance of getting the gold GT-R. The downside is that you need to live in Japan to get them. Y​ou will be able to get these miniature models starting on April 30th and ending on May 13th. They will also release other models including a Suzuki Jimny, Toyota 86, Mitsubishi Delica and plain grey Nissan GT-R.

T​here is also an online sweepstakes where you will be able to win a chance to be able to ride in this gold GT-R. 2 families with up to 3 eligible drivers apiece will be invited to Nissan's Grandrive proving grounds in Kanagawa, where they will receive test drives in the car and a ride-along with a Nissan test driver. Those too young to put their names in the hat for a test drive can still enter to win one of 20 consolation prizes, commemorative gold gift cards with the car printed on them. They also come with JP¥1,000.

T​his sure is special and comment down below if you would drive around in this gold Nissan.

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