Nissan claims a huge engine breakthrough with ICE

The ICE is dead, long live the ICE

As institutions keep pushing for electrification in the car industry, some automakers are determined to prove that ICEs can be just as 'green' by using clean fuel. Porsche recently made a sizeable investment to figure out how to produce synthetic fuel and now Nissan is working on an updated e-Power hybrid system. The Japanese manufacturers believes this to be a "breakthrough in engine efficiency" because it has reached a 50% thermal efficiency.

Thermal efficiency is the percentage of heat energy that is transformed into usable power. To put that into perspective, Toyota's Dynamic Force Engine is 'only' 40 percent efficient, while most ICEs are usually 20% thermally efficient. In a press release, Nissan said that their "latest approach to engine development has raised the bar to world-leading levels, accelerating past the current auto industry average range of 40 percent thermal efficiency, making it possible to even further reduce vehicle C02 emissions".

The new e-Power unit features an on-board petrol engine that powers the battery, which is in turn powering the electric unit, sending power to the wheels. Nissan strengthened the in-cylinder gas flow and the ignition, thus diluting the air-fuel mixture at a higher compression ratio. This, according to Nissan, is enough to reach 46% thermal efficiency, while the remaining 4% comes from "waste heat recovery technologies".

Nissan first unveiled their e-Power technology in 2016 and they're still working on it, even though the company actually said they want to become carbon neutral by 2050 and sell hybrids or EVs only in key markets by 2030.

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Comments (13)

  • EVs are terrible soulless shit boxes, I hate them with my whole heart, I'm freaking tired of this eco-freak nonsense, keep the electric hair dryers out of my car, I'm tired of this BS. If you're an eco freak I hope you know that I hate you

      1 month ago
  • EV's are simply a way to keep money systems moving. They are not sustainable due to the amount of resources required to manufacture them. What they do do is keep the world consuming. Remember being told that recyclable plastic was going to save the planet. It was a lie. This marketing campaign just made us all feel better about going shopping.

    So continue doing work that does not need to be done so you can get money that does not exist. This fairytale, called Fiat Currency, then allows you to buy bright shiny things. After playing with those bright shiny things you can throw them away and continue doing a job that does not need to be done so you can get money that does not................

    I believe this is called Progressive. In fact it has been going on for 1000's of years.

    I will be repairing my ICE for many years to come. I will work less and learn more through travel and not having enough money to buy bright shiny things. Bliss. Currently sitting in Alice springs taking photos of a once in 10 years event. Water in the Todd river. Last week I was taking photos of Yellow footed Rock Wallabies. Not many left so hard to find.

    I love cars and motorsport but cannot see the value in things I cannot use. Supercars are for those that are caught in a system they hate. This is the only reason you would want life based on something that does not exist.

      1 month ago
    • Finnaly someone with brain.... Electric is just for co2 taxes! Kill the midle class...

        1 month ago
    • Wait until you find out what news was found out in one of the British news companies regarding the hurried electrification. I knew something wasn't right.

        1 month ago
  • EV’s are the path we are on now but the path is fluid and will continue to change with new discoveries and developments. ICE vehicles will still be around long after I am no longer physically here to enjoy them and the faithful will continue to keep them alive. The future does not have to be either/or as the technologies can and will coexist. I applaud Nissan and Porsche for leading in the push for this coexistence.

      1 month ago
  • I’m not sure the tech is going to get rid of the ICE band in 2030?

      1 month ago
  • I hate EVs and that's justified from an environmental POV and enthusiast POV. I think most people agree.

      1 month ago