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"We get some real nice vehicles in down at Paint Killers HQ, but for some reason we always get excited when a Nissan GT-R rolls through the door"

Joe Addison

Bob came down to see us to talk about changing the colour of his GT-R, not only to switch things up, but to protect the paint too.

After a good couple few weeks of deciding on a colour to choose, Bob went for 3M Burnt orange. But a day before wrap day he changed his mind totally and decided on 3M Cosmic blue. Bob turned up Monday morning bright and early and threw us the keys, it was time to get this monster stripped down and cleaned. Those who work with GT-R's know how much of a pain these are to take apart, it was going to be a long day.

The car was stripped, clay barred and cleaned. Panels started to get applied in the cosmic blue and we couldn't help but think it looked just like R34 Skyline Bayside blue. This was a good colour choice for this car.

After a long 4 days we finished all the panels and small details. It was now time to wrap the finicky door shuts and door rears.

We like to do door shuts in one piece of vinyl flowing in from the rear quarter. Its the only way to get that 'paint like' finish.

Door shuts done, we put her back together and polished the beast up with the Paint Killers gloss enhancer, This really brings out a deep shine in the vinyl.

Bob decided to leave all the grills, splitters, diffusers and side skirts in grey to break the norm of going gloss black. We had to agree as it creates a nice contrast against the blue especially with the wheels finished in gunmetal.

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