Nissan has introduced a 'Nismo Heritage' scheme to help keep Skylines alive

1y ago


Following the likes of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW with their nods to the classic models from their ranges, Nissan has stepped up to the plate to help its customers that have stuck with its performance models from yesteryear. The production of spare parts for R32 Skylines has been restarted, forming a clean, OEM option for owners looking for only the best for their beloved machines.

The plan is to scale the operation up to accommodate the R32, R33 and R34 variants but as it stands, there is only a small amount of parts currently available. The 80-strong inventory includes hoses and harnesses that will keep their cars up to date and ensure they comply with emissions and safety standards in Japan. Aesthetic touches like GT-R badges and emblems are also available, allowing current customers to give their Skylines a much needed sprucing.

Nismo Heritage will be looking to expand to its younger Skyline models in the near future.

The heritage service is also looking to provide upgraded parts (considering some R32s will be pushing 30 years of age) which will open the door to selected restomods for the adventurous Skyline owner.

This scheme should become the go-to supply for Skyline parts and considering the lack of third party companies manufacturing reproductions, Nissan may create a monopoly on the Skyline market.

The R33 400R probably doesn't need any upgrades but I'm sure Nismo Heritage will try.

The new Nismo Heritage range of parts will be shown at Fuji Speedway at the Nismo Festival on 26th November, with sales getting underway on 1st December.

What company would you like to see helping its machines from years gone by? Post your suggestions below!