Nissan Has Made The Leaf Into An EV Racer

Meet the Ferrari FXXK of the Nissan Leaf

1y ago


It's called the Leaf Nismo RC, and the reason this thing looks so good is because the only things shared with the road car are the lights, motors and batteries. It is designed to be a replacement of the old Leaf Nismo RC except the new one had a much better starting point (Pictures of old Leaf below). Nissan has used the same strategy as Ferrari here, they've taken a decent car and put it on steroids (Just like a Ferrari FXXK/LaFerrari), but the purpose of the Nissan is to just like the old car be an example of seeing how far Nissan push it's standard road car tech. It has't been racing just yet but I sure can't wait until it does.

It features new a Nismo front splitter, rear wing and side skirts, it's rather obviously been lowered and the arches have been flared right out. A racing style livery and tiny mirrors finishes of the job of making a Leaf look like FXX K.

Old Leaf Nismo RC (pretty crap isn't it?)

Old Leaf Nismo RC (pretty crap isn't it?)

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Comments (8)

  • Its like that mid-engined renault megane race car on gran turismo

      1 year ago
  • I like it, the leaf could be actually good as a long sedan

      1 year ago
  • if it looks good, then it wont be fast

      1 year ago
  • I wouldn't buy an electric car until after the next ten years. To many experiments being done these days

      1 year ago
  • I don't think so it look like fxxk

      1 year ago


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