Nissan Juke 2020 the funky of the bunch

9w ago


It started back when I studied car design, they made a group to work on a project with Nissan........ yes Nissan!

let me set a context here I can only think of one brand that has sports cars that I like/desire without failing one single time?

No, it is not Lamborghini (didn't really like the Murcielago nor the regular Gallardo)

Nissan!, that's the only brand I can think of, that had never made a sports car I wouldn't love to own. I love the 240z the 280z the 300zx the 180sx, I mean the 370z is the least appealing to me and I would have one of those every day so to me Nissan rocks.

Therefore when they asked me if I would like to make 200 sketches a day for an 8 month period under the guidance of Alberto Albaisa (Juke designer, Infinity chief designer) and R, Bauer (former NDA chief designer) I shouted yes!

The briefing: how would the Juke will be in 2020, my answer:

At the end this project caught some attention and was published in and as well as some Japanese blogs.

Overall this experience can be summarised as:

My design was called funky, I made me a better designer, improved my sketch abilities and taught me that if you have any crazy inspiration perhaps you shouldn't tell, because even thou the overall design was pointed as very good the fact that I took inspiration from a vacuum cleaner was highly criticized from people that commented on the articles and people from Nissan.


Remember I told you I had to do at least 200 sketches a day?

Well I made this one's while seen south park, remember catatafish and prince toad?

If you want to know more about my journey as a car designer don't forget to visit my youtube channel, it has more cool stuff and new cars coming this very month.

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