Nissan just hired an ‘odor evaluation engineer’

And his job is exactly what you think it is

Nissan recently hired an ‘Odor Evaluation Lead Engineer’, a position that was created specifically to make sure new cars smell nice.

Peter Karl Eastland, Nissan’s Odor Engineer, was hired for the job because he has two things: a particularly acute sense of smell, and a master's degree in Chemistry with Forensic Science.

As the word ‘lead’ in his job title suggests, Eastland is in charge of his team, tasked with selecting the best type of fabric, polymers and adhesives to get the ‘new car smell’ just right.

”We aim to provide the best sensory experience for the customer. While tastes and preferences evolve over time, the odor of the vehicle will also change with the addition of new materials," said Eastland. He also added that cars are getting quieter, which means that smell is more important than ever in the overall evaluation when buying a new car.

It sounds trivial or comical but it isn’t. Not only do they have to get the new car smell right, they also have to make sure the materials stand the test of time. They do this by testing and simulating the chemical reactions of variety of fabrics and materials in a real-world scenario, when they’re exposed to different temperatures and weather agents, for example.

Nissan’s uses three different offices for its ’odor department’ - one in the US, another one Japan and then a UK office, which is where Eastland is based.

Would you like this job? If so, which brand would you work for?

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Comments (8)

  • How to stop a car smelling of farts

      2 months ago
  • Professional car sniffer

      2 months ago
  • I’ve always wanted my new car to smell of authentic Sunderland 😊

      2 months ago
  • nice idea, would love to see what changes it brings. for me, whenever I sit in a new car, there's always this smell that makes me nauseous. it's probably a perfume they give with the cars, but it still makes me want to vomit. so yeah, idk if its carsickness or smth, but its extremely irritating, especially on long journeys.

      2 months ago
  • Odor? Odour, surely?

      2 months ago