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Nissan makes car with one pedal

6w ago


Hopefully all of you know that cars have pedals. Most of you have cars with two or three, one to brake, one to accelerate, and maybe one for the clutch. However, Nissan has made one with one for braking and accelerating in their newest Leaf (their main electric commuter car). One-pedal driving has been a technology pioneered by Tesla with their Gen 1 Roadster and Model S, but never before has there only been one pedal in the car.


Nissan's "e-Pedal" will look similar to a standard accelerator pedal, but be slightly wider and shorter. It will function with a dedicated system that gives it several functions, including holding short on hills, and decelerating using mainly the regenerative system (similar to an MGU-K). Braking is still reserved to the dedicated brake pedal, but that may change in the future as new Tesla and Nissan technologies are moving driving more to the accelerator pedal and making the dedicated brake pedal obsolete, and manufacturers like Chevrolet and BMW are following suit with their electrics. As much as we want to hold on to petrol transport, electric motors will soon take over the world of commuter cars, and future generations of many of our vehicles will only have one pedal.

As the inscription doesn't state:

One pedal to rule them all, one pedal to drive them. One pedal to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them - Guy at his computer, August 12, 2019

As cars more rapidly descend into electric power and we hold on to petrol with all our might, all we can do is hope that two-pedal cars will not become a vanishing vestige of a forgotten era.

And vote. That too.

Have a nice day y'all, and thank you for reading this.

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