- Image: Global NCAP via YouTube

Nissan NP300 Hardbody is rated dreadfully unsafe

Nissan's mid-sizeed pickup truck, the NP300 Hardbody, was tested by the Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

Despite the name it completely failed, leaving the test dummies with life-threatening injuries in n collapsed cabin. It is almost painful to watch what the dummies have to undergo when sitting in the pickup truck. The video shows a frontal crash of the NP300 Hardbody at 40 mph.

The car is equipped with two front-seat airbags which release during the crash but the whole cabin crumples up like a cardboard box.

According to the Global NCAP, there is a high probability of life-threatening injuries to the driver’s head and chest. Further on, the report says "the vehicle structure collapsed during the crash test, and it was rated as unstable. The steering wheel column did not collapse, penetrating the passengers’ compartment […]."

The result: zero stars at the crash safety rating.

While other cars in this test run, like the Toyota Yaris, Hyundai i20 and Kia Picanto have also not shone with exceptional safety, they received at least a modest three-star rating. Zero stars for adult's safety in the Hardbody is really a sad sensation.

Image: Global NCAP via YouTube

The "unmistakable king of African pickups" as Nissan South Africa claims on their homepage, "meets or exceeds regulations in all countries in which they are sold," the Times SA was told by a spokesperson of Nissan SA.

But this statement cannot palliate the dreadful outcome of the safety testing.

I wonder if Clarkson felt unsafe in his Hardbody when ploughing through Mozambique. I guess not.

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Comments (17)
  • Will the Mercedes Benz version also have No stars appart from the one om the front ??

    1 month ago
    • The Merc version is based on the Navara, not the NP300.

      1 month ago
    • Actually they are the same, the np300/navara/frontier/hardbody (I believe its the car with the most number of names yet 😅) in this post is the d22 version wich I believe is still in...

      Read more
      1 month ago
  • Oh well, in India, we get the new Suzuki Swift (INDIANized) which scored 2 stars and a unstable bodyshell. Same goes for the Hyundai i20 (again INDIANized), 3 stars n Unstable bodyshell, yet the 20K+ Swift's are sold every month and 10K+ i20.

    1 month ago
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