Nissan Qashqai production delayed to mid-2021

The company's UK flagship model has been delayed to mid-2021 - FT states it may be due to pandemic and "lack of Brexit clarity"

For the past 7 years, Nissan has seemed determined to redeem Qashqai's reputation after many scathing criticisms from several motoring enthusiasts - including the OG Top Gear trio - and it seems that their efforts have been quite successful, as the model was announced as the most popular SUV in the UK, selling 52,532 units. It was so successful that Nissan announced that production of the new generation of the model would begin in October.

It seems however that Qashqai fans would have to wait, because Nissan has recently reported that production has been delayed to next year. The firm has stated:

"Preparations continue for the launch of the new Qashqai in Sunderland, which represents a £400m investment in the plant. We have not yet announced a date for the next-generation model, but look forward to sharing some exciting news in the coming months."

Financial Times has stated in an article that the delay is largely due to the issues stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as due to the still-unknown fate of the UK-EU relationship. This is due to the fact that 50% of cars made in Sunderland are exported to Europe, and two-thirds of those are Qashqais. Furthermore, Sunderland bosses have stated that the imposition of trade tariffs would "jeopardise Sunderland's business model".

What do you guys think of this absolutely devastating event that will affect us more than the 2007 financial crisis? Comment your thoughts down below!

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