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In the roadster sector, the Lotus Seven and the next Caterham Seven, have always been a reference for every manufacturer.

The Lotus Seven ( Photo Credits : www.Ruoteclassiche.it)

But in 1987 the leadership of Nissan proposed a more modern vehicle on the market.

Profile of the Saurus ( Photo Credits : www.oldconceptcars.com )

It was 1987 and at the Tokyo Motor Show the Japanese company introduced the Saurus, a small-size single-seater.

The Interior ( Photo Credits : www.oldconceptcars.com )

Extremely aerodynamic in design, it was equipped with a 4 cylinder 0.9 Turbo MA09ERT engine driven by a five-speed manual transmission and capable of delivering 108 hp.

The rear Section ( Photo Credits : www.oldconceptcars.com )

Despite the good mechanical qualities, the car did not regain success among the public and was not launched for mass production. Even so, Nismo used the project for the construction of a racing car for a single-brand championship. And in 1989 Its engine was used onto the first generation of the Nissan Micra Turbo.

The front section ( Photo Credits : www.oldconceptcars.com )

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