Nissan Silvia S14 Pin Up

These two sexy bunnies burn up the tarmac in true Japanese style. The face-melting, crazy as hell, Nissan Silvia S14, better known as 'Berserker', seems to want to shred rubber in that insane custom S14 Rocket Bunny V2 kit. Engine: LS2 aluminium block, Stroked to 6.6L with Manley forged stroker kit rotating assembly , 4.005 bore with 4-inch stroke, Lunati cam, Lunati link bar high rev lifters, 70cc combustion chamber LS3 heads, LS3 intake manifold, Lunati roller rockers, Lunati double valve springs, 3 stage dry sump system, 800cc Siemens injectors, 100mm throttle body, Dicktator 60-2 engine management, Oil cooler, Custom headers, Bosch 044 fuel pump, 45L custom aluminium fuel cell, Steel braided FTF hoses and fittings all around, NASCAR 100mm dual pass radiator (Cowling and fan), Race red top lightweight gel battery. Power: 500HP, 750Nm Make sure to check out more hot SXdrv content - #Nissan #NissanSilvia #RocketBunnyV2kit #Nascar #JDM

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