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Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Review in Assoluto Racing

24w ago


A Short Yet Detailed Review of it in Assoluto Racing:

CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

R33 was always overshadowed by it's younger sister, the R34, but can it compete in Assoluto and more importantly, is it worth your hard earned credits?


CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

The car features great handling out of the box, with a low braking distance and good stability. With slicks and racing suspension it gets even better, with the annoying lack of grip long gone, and improved agility.

Straight line performance:

CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

The car has a great launch thanks to awd and great power to match, although it only has 5 gears, it is highly recommended to shorten the ratios a bit.


CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

Extremely competitive in S rank, being one of the dominant cars. With it's amazing power and handling, and thanks to it's ridiculously low starting rank, it is the optimal choice (for credits at least) if you want to race in S rank.

Fun Factor:

CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

It is very nimble and easy to drive (be careful when driving over curbs). It also happens to be a decent drift car.

How should I tune it?

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Everything max except weight reduction, which should be tuned to stage 2, as so to get maximum S rank potential.

Should you buy it?

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Definitely, it's competitive, fun and pretty darn cheap for what you get.

Miscellaneous stats :

CREDITS: Vector | #CTsquad Europe

Stock power: 280 bhp

Stock weight: 1580 kg

Max power: 661 bhp

Max weight reduction: 1246 kg

Fast, agile, easy to drive and fun!


-> Mitsubishi Evolution X (45,000 CR)

-> Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution (940 coins)

-> Dodge Charger R/T (480 coins)

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