Nissan Skyline GTT R34

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- Nissan Skyline GTT R34

I always dreamt about owning the legendary Skyline, and my favourite was the R34 model. It is one of those things - the longer it lives in your mind, the more legendary it becomes until you finally make the dreams come true. They are lovely machines but at the same time very big, heavy and not powerful enough. You can't compare them with modern performance cars. Nevertheless, they are still beautiful machines and despite all the flaws, fun to drive — the perfect blank canvas for modding. #cars #jdm #nissan #skyline #gtt #gtr #r34 #coupe

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Comments (20)

  • Sky's the limit, which Nissan would you choose? @tribe

      10 months ago
  • R34 Z tune for me 😸

      10 months ago
  • R31 GTS-R for me

      10 months ago
  • R35,s15 and v37 coupe of course as a daily

      10 months ago
  • A properly modified R34 could eat a lot of modern supercars for lunch and still have room to have a go at hypercars for dinner.

      10 months ago
    • You can properly modify Ford T that will eat modern supercars, but that's not the point.

        10 months ago


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