Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec prior to collection from Torque GT...

50w ago


The R34 GTR needs very little introduction. Arguably the most recognisable car to come out of Japan in the past 50 years its been on many a Christmas wish list for nearly two decades.

This hugely iconic model will surely be remembered well into the future for its performance, appearance and tune-ability but also in how it captured the attention of so many car fans since its first release back in 1999.

This V-spec recently sourced for Personal Import client is a solid representation of the quality still available in Japan if you know where to look and have a trusted inspection team behind you.

The following upgrades were included prior to collection. Many of which can be found in our new webstore or sourced direct from Japan through our dedicated Parts team...

• HKS Front pipe

• HKS panel air filter

• Mines Sports cat

• Mines Air flow meters

• Kakimoto cat back exhaust

• NISMO front clear repeaters lenses

• NISMO clocks

• NISMO front bumper

• NISMO rear spats

• NISMO side skirts

• NISMO gear knob

• TEIN suspension

• Front EBC USR Performance Slotted Brakes

• Front EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

• Goodridge brake lines

• Uprated twin plate clutch

• Uprated fuel pump

• Uprated Injectors

• Uprated oil cooler kit

• Link G4

• AVS 19” alloys

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