Nissan teases the next Z car

A mix between a 240Z and a 300ZX. If this is true, then we already love it.

It's been a long wait for the replacement Z car from Nissan. First released over 10 years ago, the current Z is well overdue for a replacement, but keen Z enthusiasts won't have much longer to wait - with a prototype to be revealed on the 16th of September.

Credit: Instagram - @alfonsoalbasia

Credit: Instagram - @alfonsoalbasia

This teaser sketch was posted to Instagram by Nissan Motor Corporation's executive design director Alfonso Albaisa, and it shows a positively resembling 240Z fastback design with rear tail-lights from a Z32 300ZX.

If the teaser and the prototype looks anything like the impending production car, it'll be the first time the car's design has drastically changed in over 18 years, harking back upon the Z's of the 20th century. If the rumours are true, then Nissan has taken the most iconic design elements from their older cars and mashed it into one. We think that's brilliant.


The production car based on the soon-to-be-uncovered proto, rumoured to be called '400Z', will likely have a twin-turbo V6 engine with an estimated 300kW (400hp) of power. We hold out hope that this will be a derivative of the VR38DETT found in the R35 GT-R, but it's more than likely that it'll be the engine from the Infiniti Q50 & Q60 Red Sport.

It could also share a platform with the Infiniti Q60, as Nissan is not in the best current financial position to be splurging out on an all-new platform.

- AutoNews Australia

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Comments (8)

  • If the engine is the V6 from the Q60, then it is a derivative of the VR38DETT because the engine in the Q50/60 is the VR30DDTT which was derived from the VR38.

      15 days ago
  • Really hope the price is gonna be good, 350 and 370 have always been rather affordable. Especially for their performance. Would be nice if they would keep the interiour simple but timeless. Interiour has been the weakest point of the 350 and 370 in my opinion.

      16 days ago
  • Excited as usual for an obtainable rwd sports car but how long are they going to tease this out. I spent years looking at Supra teases- just let me know when I can see a real un-camouflaged picture.

      12 days ago
  • Do you know the estimated price for this new series?

      17 days ago
    • We don't know anything about the production car yet. 😅

      However, we will endeavour to get an article out as soon as we are given the information! Cheers

        17 days ago