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Nissan teases the Z Proto which will replace the 370Z

Presentation on September 16th

1w ago


The development of the eagerly awaited replacement for the 370Z is in progress. Before this car, whose name is still unknown, is officially presented, the Japanese manufacturer will very soon unveil a concept that will announce the main lines of this future sports car.

The concept, called Nissan Z Proto, will be revealed on September 16th. Aware of the wait, the brand has published a teaser highlighting the key points of the car's design. The car will be openly inspired by the circular headlights of the Datsun 240Z with a two-part light signature.

In profile, the Z logo will be present on the C-pillar, taken from the 240Z. The Z Proto's bodywork should be largely inspired by other Nissan coupes with a very sleek roof line in perfect harmony with its ancestors. The rear end of the Z Proto is reminiscent of the 300ZX's taillights.

The rear section features two horizontal taillights. The last interesting point concerns the end of the teaser that highlights a person operating the gearshift lever. This could indicate the presence of a manual transmission.


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  • The mad lads actually did it. Full-length taillamps calling back the Z32. Honestly, as long as it's as tunable as the R35, I'll be fine with the new Z.

      12 days ago